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Ueno Farm special flower event!

Part of the morning

Flower designer Sho Sogabe X Gardiner Ueno sand Yuki from Asahikawa
It is flower collaboration of dream in Ueno Farm!

"We arrange garden of Ueno Farm"
Garden of Ueno Farm in cutting garden only for day!

Flower designer Sho Sogabe and Gardiner Ueno sand Yuki
With pleasant talk that we turn on flower of side two arranging side, flower to prepare garden into

Using flower of garden of Ueno Farm, we make flower arrangement on the spot
New sense flower demonstration of a lot of live feelings!

Date and time Monday, August 7 / 10:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.
No charge for admission in place Ueno famunayakafe
*There is a charge on visit to garden.

*Cafe becomes reserved for event holding in the morning.

Part of the afternoon

"Sho Sogabe flower lesson"
 Garden-style flower arrangement ... to make with flower of ... Ueno Farm

Flower arrangement such as garden to make using flower of Ueno Farm,

While actually throwing in arts of unloading disposal of gardens when we use flower

Flower designer Sho Sogabe gives lessons in special.

Date and time Monday, August 7 13:30 p.m. - 14:30 p.m.
Place Ueno famunayakafegyarari

Entrance fee is 3000 yen per person

(it includes material cost Ueno Farm admission charges)
Ten offer number of people

Lecturer Rock' n' Rose flower designer Sho Sogabe

*Reservation required prior to Ueno Farm
TEL 0166-47-8741 (reception hours from 10:00 to 17:00)
So that reservation of lesson hastens!

Home > Ueno Farm > Ueno Farm special flower event!

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