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Ueno Farm special flower event!

Part of the morning

Flower designer Sho Sogabe X Gardiner Ueno sand Yuki from Asahikawa
It is flower collaboration of dream in Ueno Farm!

"We arrange garden of Ueno Farm"
Garden of Ueno Farm in cutting garden only for day!

Flower designer Sho Sogabe and Gardiner Ueno sand Yuki
With pleasant talk that we turn on flower of side two arranging side, flower to prepare garden into

Using flower of garden of Ueno Farm, we make flower arrangement on the spot
New sense flower demonstration of a lot of live feelings!

Date and time Monday, August 7 / 10:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.
No charge for admission in place Ueno famunayakafe
*There is a charge on visit to garden.

*Cafe becomes reserved for event holding in the morning.

Part of the afternoon

"Sho Sogabe flower lesson"
 Garden-style flower arrangement ... to make with flower of ... Ueno Farm

Flower arrangement such as garden to make using flower of Ueno Farm,

While actually throwing in arts of unloading disposal of gardens when we use flower

Flower designer Sho Sogabe gives lessons in special.

Date and time Monday, August 7 13:30 p.m. - 14:30 p.m.
Place Ueno famunayakafegyarari

Entrance fee is 3000 yen per person

(it includes material cost Ueno Farm admission charges)
Ten offer number of people

Lecturer Rock' n' Rose flower designer Sho Sogabe

*Reservation required prior to Ueno Farm
TEL 0166-47-8741 (reception hours from 10:00 to 17:00)
So that reservation of lesson hastens!

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Ueno Farm summer vacation flower event! Pressed flower classroom holding

We hold simple pressed flower lesson coming with all with imminent thing!
"Pressed flower and flower coloring to make with flower of Ueno Farm"

Pressed flower lesson that anyone can easily make using corrugated cardboard anytime neatly.

We use flower of Ueno Farm in particular and make pressed flower.

After having experienced the making of pressed flower, we add color to picture of postcard with pressed flower

We produce "flower drawing for coloring" two pieces (one piece can enter frame and is completed)
"Coloring card" to be able to enjoy with finished pressed flower includes even after bringing in house!

Three pieces of pressed flower cards are completed in total.
As child can participate, it is recommended to free study of summer vacation!
Include admission charges of Ueno Farm, too; entrance fee is 800 yen!

How about for very attractive pressed flower experience party, summer memory?

Date / Friday, August 4, 5 Saturday, 6th Sunday
※It became pressed flower classroom haha capacity and closed. Thank you for your reservation.
Every day from 13:30 p.m. to 15:00

Capacity / Every day ten people (reservation required)
Entrance fee / 800 yen per person

Place / Ueno famunayakafegyarari
Lecturer / Mr. Tomomi Kiyono (instructor at mysterious flower club)

※ In the case of participation only for child, we would like pro-companion
Participation application asks an in advance pre-favor to Ueno Farm
(0166-47-8741 reception hours from 10:00 to 17:00)

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Garden of Ueno Farm autumn is full of charm, too.

Asahikawa came to have a big heat and cold difference, too, and autumn colors of trees of garden began. Aster and kimikifuga, autumn flowers including Japanese anemone are at their best in garden. Beauty only by this time is felt to be everywhere. In addition, please enjoy by taking a ceremonial photograph as there is pleasant pumpkin display only for this time in garden! As for garden exhibition of Ueno Farm, it becomes just on October 16. Please come to play in autumn garden.

News of gallery display

We display moment that is nice delightful HAPPY which customer photographed this year in garden of Ueno Farm

"Let's display together! Photograph of photocontest to be heated to be heated

We display in nayakafegyarari until from September 27 to October 23. Works this year much from the whole country

We gathered. Please see including this by all means.

*Cafe is open after garden exhibition in whole year (after garden close until Monday fixed closing day from 11:00 to 17:00)

The latest information can enjoy even Facebook↓




100_3554 100_3568   103_0770 103_0842103_0704 103_0668 103_0651 103_0448 103_0347 103_0255

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Information open in Ueno Farm 2016

Saturday, April 23 10:00 ...

2016 Ueno Farm garden opening!

"Garden of Nome" makes its grand opening!

Area of new concept is born in Ueno Farm. 
Beautiful wild grass, tree of flower and glass (herbs) Hokkaido to color to drift create
Hokkaido type nachurarisutikkugaden (nature-style garden).
We can enjoy plant with more than of 300 kinds. New plant increases,
Plants which grew up more than last year color garden seasonally.
Please come to see new garden style of Ueno Farm by all means.

The garden end of June of Ueno Farm Nome

(the garden end of June of Nome)

※ It is fairy of dwarf got close to Nome for a long time in Europe.
Garden Nome does yard work at the midnight and cleans garden and is thought with dwarf protecting house.
We cannot readily come across Nome in the daytime.

Screenshot 2016-04-06 18. 01.57

There were paths of secret walk to continue from the summit of target practice mountain to garden of Nome this year.
Quiet rural scenery to see from target practice mountain
After having seen, please explore this walk road.

■■■■■■■■   Open event introduction   ■■■■■■■■■

Saturday, April 23 fun seedling present

Fun seedling

Seedling of grass is presented as open memory for one year by the first 200 people
What do get; in fun?♪


From Saturday, April 23 to 25th Monday

Spring Ranran ♪ Lottery!

Garden lunch S

Purchase amount of money is one chance every 2,000 yen (tax-included)!
Luxurious Asahikawa Grand Hotel lunch ticket and wonderful miscellaneous goods hit.


Sunday, April 24, May 3 Tuesday (holiday) every day 11:00 

Garden walk♪

Screenshot 2016-04-06 16. 43.34

We show around spring garden of Ueno Farm in Ueno sand Yuki guides happily. (around 40 minutes)
※It costs only participation for free, admission charges separately. (no appointment necessary)
You enter a kindergarten earlier, and please gather near the west exit.


Thursday, May 5
Child lottery♪♪♪

Screenshot 2016-04-06 16. 53.55

Lottery which present hits by all means is offered by children.
※Child object to primary schoolchild

■■■■■■■■   Event information in nayakafe   ■■■■■■■■■

From Tuesday, April 23 to Sunday, May 8
Pressed flower exhibition in Ueno Farm vol.6 of herb field

Connection with flower and flower
Exhibition of bright pressed flower
Sponsorship: Tomomi Kiyono (pressed flower salon azure)

Screenshot 2016-04-06 17. 56.42

 Pressed flower experience society ■

We can easily make frame of presented wonderful pressed flower.
(time required around one hour)
Of 1000 yen per person entrance fee / (it includes material cost)
Capacity / every day ten people
※Please make a reservation to Ueno Farm in advance.
(Ueno Farm / 0166-47-8741)

Copy of frame of rose

"Love Lee frame to make with rose"
It is 00 ... /14 on Saturday, April 30
Sunday, May 1 /10 30 ... and ... at 14:00:

Copy of frame of potpourri

"Pressed flower mini-frame of potpourri"
It is 00 ... /14 on Saturday, May 7
It is 30 ... /10 on Sunday, May 8 


 Aromatherapy experience society ■

Tuesday, May 3, 4th Wednesday
Using natural oil (essential oil)
We make aroma spray you like.
(relaxation, deodorization, protecting against insects effect)
We advise about safe how to use, how to choose essential oil toward the beginner.

Screenshot 2016-04-06 17. 35.38

The second floor of place / nayakafe special space
Time required around 15 minutes
Time / from 10:00 to 15:00 (to no appointment necessary, every day 15 people)
Entrance fee /700 Japanese yen (it includes material cost)
Lecturer / Miki Fujii (AEAJ authorization aromatherapy instructor)


 It is spring! Let's paint with paint! Paintwork shop ■
Saturday, May 7 13:00 ...

We used "garden frame to be able to display flower" guard rack
We paint pretty wooden frame in favorite color while learning art of painting.

Guard rack

※Image (flower does not run out)

Time / 13:00 ... (time required around two hours)
Special event space (rainy weather decisive action) in place / garden
Entrance fee /800 Japanese yen (it costs ※ garden admission charges including material cost separately)
Capacity /15 name state reservation required
※Please make a reservation to Ueno Farm in advance.
(Ueno Farm / 0166-47-8741)
Cooperation / Kazunobu science industry

■■■■■   Advantageous ticket information  ■■■■■

Common ticket sale of garden and Ueno Farm of large Yukimori!
There was advantageous common ticket which could enjoy "garden of large Yukimori" and garden of two Ueno Farm where Ueno sand Yuki planted flower garden area!
Please enjoy garden with two different charm. (car from Ueno Farm to garden of large Yukimori approximately 40 minutes)
Common ticket 1,300 yen (as for 300 yen, more advantageous than admission charges of two gardens!)
*We can purchase in each garden.

Screenshot 2016-03-16 17. 25.22


Four gardens of hokkaido garden pass can turn around in discount
We sell ticket in Ueno Farm!

Ticket which is advantageous with convenience to be able to use 4 facilities for from 8 facilities of hokkaido garden pass
We sell "Hokkaido Garden Path Ticket"!
2200 yen per person
*We can purchase in each garden.

2016 garden way tickets


Annual passport of Ueno Farm is advantageous!
Annual pass which can enter a kindergarten again and again during garden start period is very attractive.
Is NAYA café after garden close; toward the meal as drink one cup free service ticket
It is usable again and again. (only as for the person)
Annual passport /1, 000 yen
Screenshot 2016-04-06 18. 03.35
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News of Ueno Farm talk event

Screenshot 2015-07-30 11. 04.31
Hokkaido garden show special plan
"The Denmark style happy weekend's way of living"

Special guest Jens Jensen

Jens from Denmark which even magazine or book make an outstanding performance, and North European dishes or DIY are good at
Way of enjoying in private vegetable garden (co-Roni, huh, vu) with hut where Danish people go to on the weekend
About North European lifestyle and garden, interior, furniture overflowing in beautiful design
Please talk. Jens is person who wanted to have you always come
There are relationships that participated in international rose and gardening show each other this time,
Event was realized at last! As for North Europe and Hokkaido, the hint of living only in northern country
We think that there is surely. As it is very few chance, we look forward to much participation!

Time / Sunday, August 23 from 10:30 a.m. to 12:00 (approximately one and a half hours)

tokoro / Ueno famunayakafe (application before * important business)

Please apply to participation application method / Ueno Farm in advance on the telephone.

TEL 0166-47-8741
Participation for free (capacity 70 plan)

*There is no business of cafe for event during the morning of the day
We do business after event.

Jens Jensen profile
Danish native place. Association of general Japan koronihevu, representative director.
We suggest lifestyle that North European dishes and design, good handwork including DIY are felt of North Europe.
As activity to spread Danish style community garden "koronihevu" in Japan,
We establish "association of Japanese koronihevu" in 2010. Father of two children.
A lot of book "making of field of Jens" "weekend with field of Jens" "garden time of Jens" others

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2015 Ueno Farm opening information!

Saturday, April 25 10:00 ...
Ueno Farm garden opens!

"Garden of Nome" pre-exhibition!
Area of new concept is born in Ueno Farm.

Screenshot 2015-04-12 18. 38.33 

■ Event introduction ■

Saturday, April 25 fun seedling present
※Present of fun seedling was finished.

Seedling of grass is presented as open memory for one year by the first 200 people
What do get; in fun?♪

Fun seedling


From Saturday, April 25 to 27th Monday
Spring Ranran ♪ Lottery
Purchase amount of money is one chance every 2,000 yen (tax-included)!
Luxurious Asahikawa Grand Hotel lunch ticket and wonderful miscellaneous goods hit.



Sunday, May 3, 4th Monday 11:00 ...
Garden walk♪
Put new "gardens of Nome" together; and spring garden of Ueno Farm
We guide in Ueno sand Yuki guides happily. (around 40 minutes)
※It costs only participation for free, admission charges separately.
We enter a kindergarten earlier, and please wait near box office.

Tuesday, May 5
Child lottery♪♪♪
Lottery which present hits by all means is offered by children.
※Child object to primary schoolchild
Screenshot 2015-04-17 13. 38.02

 ■ It is introduction of event to hold in nayakafegyarari ■

From Saturday, April 25 to Sunday, May 31 ...
The world of Hidegoro Ito, poetry

koraboreshoato display of two people by Yamazaki coldest season (book) Hiroyoshi Moriwaki (photograph).
We express poetry of Hidegoro Ito as book in photograph.

Screenshot 2015-04-17 13. 40.00


Sunday, June 14 10:00 ...
Ueno sand Yuki for free class!
Mini lesson on a single point made with garden by Ueno sand Yuki.
As it is limited to the number of people, please make a reservation to Ueno Farm early. / capacity 30 people
※Free class became capacity, and acceptance of reservation was finished.

(Ueno Farm /0166-47-8741)

Screenshot 2015-04-17 13. 41.56


From Tuesday, June 16 to Monday, June 29
Pressed flower exhibition in Ueno Farm vol.5 of herb field

We rediscover beauty of flower. Exhibition that the new world of pressed flower spreads out
Sponsorship Tomomi Kiyono

Teacher pressed flower

Saturday, June 20, Saturday, June 27
Pressed flower experience society

We can easily make magnet of presented wonderful pressed flower
(two kinds of magnets of Wood and tile)

Time /10 00 ... (time required around one hour):
Of 600 yen per person entrance fee /
Capacity / every day ten people
※Please make a reservation to Ueno Farm in advance.
(Ueno Farm / 0166-47-8741)

Screenshot 2015-04-17 13. 46.13

Sunday, June 21, Sunday, June 28
Heritage DECO experience society

The Asahikawa's first landing! Using paper napkin for evolution of decoupage
We produce soap of cute heart.
Instructor in Asahikawa only as for Mr. Kiyono!

Time /10 00 ... (time required around one hour):
Of 700 yen per person entrance fee /
Capacity / every day ten people
※Please make a reservation to Ueno Farm in advance.
(Ueno Farm / 0166-47-8741)

Screenshot 2015-04-17 13. 47.32

 Ueno Farm NEWS!

Screenshot 2015-04-12 18. 43.06


Open memory! Garden shop
In "small seedling shop of the foot of hill" of itariabama company
50% of plastic flowerpots looking just like bare roast are sold in OFF!

Screenshot 2015-04-17 13. 56.31

Screenshot 2015-04-17 13. 57.00

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"Anne of Green Gables" pressed flower contest exhibition

Exhibition of "Anne of Green Gables" held in Canada Prince Edward Island slat Ford town hall in this June pressed flower contest is display now being held in Ueno Farm NAYAcafé gallery until from Tuesday, September 2 to Friday, September 19.
Works displaying in Ueno Farm this time are pressed flower art of new sense that put beautiful pressed flower and photograph together mainly on prize-winning work of contest skillfully.
Mr. Nobuo Sugino of sponsorship plays an active part in pressed flower artist on behalf of Japan in domestic and foreign magazines and various media including TV. We are telling many students technique of new pressed flower now.

With Ueno Farm beginning this "Anne of Green Gables pressed flower exhibition" in the country; become held!

As there is sale of pressed flower goods, as for the coming person, please see right or wrong near!


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Do you not take a walk in side field of Ueno Farm?

Side field in the parking lot side of Ueno Farm can take a walk
We made "walk way of side field"!
It was for a limited time, but made Karikome nde way to take a walk through anyone freely♪
We can take a walk until time when flower of side is over, and pruning begins in.
Flower of side blooms in full bloom now!
Does which it was visited at right or wrong, this opportunity as we think whether it is experience not to be readily possible to be able to take a walk in side field not experience white flower of soba which there is as height and beautiful contrast of sky?111_0757s111_0779s


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It was very beautiful time♫

After all flowering is early this year!

Garden became more and more beautiful!

A lot of roses begin to bloom, too, and Ueno Farm is in full bloom very much now♫

^^ which wants all of you to come to see by all means







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Flower of early summer has begun to bloom!

It is German iris, peony, Japanese primrose, pioni, oriental poppy in Mothers garden…nadonado.

Flower of early summer began to bloom and became very gorgeous!

Many lupines bloom in colorful sen in target practice mountain♫

Flowering is too so generally this year!

^^ which is perfect for flowering of circle horizontal stripe rose





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