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Fantastic flower "blue poppy of the Himalayas" `mekonopushisu' flowered!

In garden of large Yukimori of Kamikawa-cho, Hokkaido, mekonopushisu is flowering now. Because mekonopushisu is flower blooming in highlands of Asian central part, and even the Himalayas of own dough bloom in so-called `unexplored region' of highlands mainly, it is called "fantastic flower".

It is very difficult flower of cultivation that temperature is less than 28 degrees Celsius and can grow, but is blue flower beautiful at all only in here utilized being the ground which is coolness that we can cultivate simply because it is garden of large Yukimori of approximately 650m above sea level. We are cultivating 2 kinds, approximately 90 plants of mekonopushisu Grand D and mekonopushisu betonikiforia in trial and error now.

Because approximately 15 of them bloom as of June 23, and there are more buds, it will be from now on in area worth seeing. There is no place where all these mekonopushisu is seen in very much. In hokkaido garden pass, it is the only garden. Please see this translucent beautiful precious flower by all means.


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Daisetsu Mori-no Garden Autumn taste is overflowing garden.

In the garden of large Yukimori, it was atmosphere that colored leaves from Daisetsu mountain range and autumn flower could enjoy together.
Autumn arrival seems to be slow, but can enjoy flower of garden and comparison of colored leaves by just that much this year for around two weeks from 10th from average year.



In the guesthouse of forest, change of expression of trees in particular is interesting.
Color of leaf and not only flower but also colors that bore fruit such as "Arisaema serratum" nestling in step are sights.



As for the flowering season, it ends soon, but "Caryopteris divaricata" blooming in guesthouse quietly charms pretty expression.

It is until October 16 during business period of garden of large Yukimori of this term.
It is from 9:00 to 17:00 (last admission /16: 00) from September 26 for business hours.
Please enjoy garden of large Yukimori that can enjoy comparison with the first snowcap of Daisetsuzan origin by all means from now on.

[the latest information is released in Facebook]


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