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We announce as a result of "8 garden treasure hunts" of hokkaido garden pass 2018

For "8 garden treasure hunts carried out until from September 1, 2019 to October 14," we had the following application. In 101 number of the application total number 155 correct answer people this year, visitors largely became decrease under the influence of earthquake generated on September 6, but it looks like it …

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We finished business of 2018 on October 14.

We finished business of 2018 on October 14. We will become commemorative age of the tenth anniversary of the hokkaido garden pass next year. As you offer various privileges, come next year by all means. During business period of the next fiscal year, it is as follows. 2 …

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Without damage of earthquake, all eight gardens usually became sales people from September 8.

It was influence of earthquake generated in Hokkaido on September 6, but there was not garden that suffered damage by earthquake directly. There was influence of blackout, but, as of September 8, all eight gardens usually became business. We wait for your coming …

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Garden autumn festival from September 1 to October 14 holding!

We start festival on September 1, 2018 in garden autumn of hokkaido garden pass until October 14. A lot of invention that autumn hokkaido garden pass can enjoy autumn of crop! Everybody challenges "8 garden treasure hunts" that luxurious premium is by all means …

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Fantastic flower "blue poppy of the Himalayas" `mekonopushisu' flowered!

In garden of large Yukimori of Kamikawa-cho, Hokkaido, mekonopushisu is flowering now. Because mekonopushisu is flower blooming in highlands of Asian central part, and even the Himalayas of own dough bloom in so-called `unexplored region' of highlands mainly, it is called "fantastic flower". Temperature …

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New plan! Hills dynasty Marchais

<< Tokachi Hills new plan!>> On hill of Makubetsu-cho, Marchais begins in entrance of quiet morning garden in Sunday-limited morning! Charm of "meal" and "agriculture" of \ TOKACHI is varied! Communication of producer and consumers who made / "agriculture" keyword …

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