Hotel with forest and garden

Is along hokkaido garden pass, hotel with forest and garden

City tourist hotel which raises tension of trip not to end only by sleeping

Hoshino resort OMO7 (omosebun) Asahikawa

Northern Hokkaido area high-rise hotel above the ground on the 17th floor. Charm of deep "machinaka" enjoying destination entirely and hotel stay of playful device full loading heap up tension of trip. Garden lunch of the Ueno Farm Gardiner Ueno sand Yuki supervision is chef's proud lunch which color studded with "qualities of Hokkaido" everywhere is rich in.

9, 6-jodori, Asahikawa-shi
Map cord 793 741 23*67
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Asahikawa Grand Hotel
Asahikawa Grand Hotel garden lunch Asahikawa Grand Hotel garden lunch
It is chef's proud lunch which is full of colors studded with "qualities of Hokkaido" everywhere that had Ueno Farm Gardiner Ueno sand Yuki supervise.

●Price /4, 000 yen (tax-included)
●Reservation / group: Reservation required (more than ten people) until three days ago

The Ueno sand Yuki supervision

Sounkyo Onsen that was surrounded in garden, Daisetsuzan of the heavens

Sounkyo Onsen hotel Daisetsu

Daisetsuzan mountain range called cam imine cod "idle garden of gods." The mountains around Sounkyo Onsen become "garden of the heavens" where many alpine plants bloom in profusion in early summer. Scenery that bluff and virgin forest weave, clear air wrap you up in Nature kindly. Hotel Daisetsu is built on hill most and can feel nature close from three places of different large communal baths of flavor.

Sounkyo, Kamikawa-cho
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Rabbi studio Daisetsuzan
There is no setting of "garden lunch" at this hotel.

Furano fantasy panorama which opens all over the view

New Furano Prince Hotel

Resort hotel which was held in beautiful forest and the magnificent mountains. Natural phenomenon that rich environment creates occasionally changes to "fantasy scenery" that we have not come across so far. Various activities enjoy in facility which very large site is dotted with and heal mental and physical fatigue by substantial hot spring, relaxation kindly. Come to natural rich Field spending time in refreshing season.

[as for the garden room plan from this]

Nakagoryo, Furano-shi
Map cord 919 553 451*65
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New Furano Prince Hotel
Furano garden lunch Furano garden lunch
Including local ingredients "kamifurano pork," please enjoy Japanese dishes, hotel lunch of western dishes compromise which you color seafood and seasonal vegetables and finished wealthily.

●Price /3, 500 yen (tax-included) ●Time / from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
●Reservation / individual: It is reservation, group the day before by 5:00 p.m.: It requires reservation within seven days before use day

Place that can sense original scenery of Hokkaido bodily

Sahoro resort hotel

Petit hotel which is wrapped in warmth of tree among forests. What original scenery of Hokkaido which people that there is many including "bear mountain" which can meet animal ezohiguma representing Hokkaido "Hanamori bear cafe restaurant" which discerning dishes and sweets mainly on ingredients of Hokkaido can taste including TOKACHI imagine can taste is the powerful charm of trip of TOKACHI Sahoro resort.

[as for the garden room plan from this]

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Shintoku-cho Karikachi Heights
Map cord 608 892 719*86
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Sahoro resort hotel
Sahoro garden lunch Sahoro garden lunch
We send course menu which used TOKACHI product beef and seasonal vegetables, material of product in way including TOKACHI including hotel made bread abundantly. You can choose coffee, tea after a meal.

●Price /2, 700 yen (tax-included)
●Reservation / individual: We make a reservation the day before by 16:00 (than two people)

Relaxing space in pursuit of "quality of Hokkaido"

Spa resort Hokkaido hotel of forest

Brick city resort hotel at corner of city area. We offer different various guest rooms of flavor including ya hot spring with open-air bath belonging to guest room, terrace overlooking courtyard which is full of magnificent Mts. Hidaka and green. Vegetable organic component to breed in from the source in site-rich moor hot spring and courtyard to turn up which ezorisu and wild bird occasionally have a cute. Please enjoy resort feeling relaxedly while being in town.

19-1, Nishi-7-jominami, Obihiro-shi
Map cord 124 564 812*41
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Hokkaido hotel
Hokkaido hotel garden lunch Hokkaido hotel garden lunch
Lunch which colors, and is bright which we prepared to course dishes including appetizer which used products of Hokkaido ingredients with full of blessings of the earth abundantly, and imaged very large vegetable garden of TOKACHI. Hotel made bread of 100% of TOKACHI product wheat is attractive, too.

●Price /2, 900 yen (tax-included) ●Time / from 11:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
●Group on the day possible as for reservation / individual: Ten or more are reserved within five days before use day

Hokkaido inheritance "moor hot spring" which quenches heart and skin

Tokachigawa Onsen Dai-ichi Hotel Toyosu bower, bean positive bower

Accommodation which can overlook Tokachi River flowing leisurely and scenery of magnificent Mts. Hidaka. If globally rare vegetable "moor hot spring" includes humidity retention ingredient in richness, and skin of bath towel becomes smooth; "Bijin-no-Yu" of reputation. Spa suite "Toyosu bower with fine view open-air bath," Japanese-style modern hall "bean positive bower" opens newly with garden open-air bath "hot water of clear stream Otaki pot of forest" in December, 2016. (we can taste impression that got into the source of Tokachi River)

12, Tokachigawaonsenminami, Otofuke-cho
Map cord 369 636 572*72
Phone number
There is no setting of "garden lunch" at this hotel.
Tokachigawa Onsen Dai-ichi Hotel Toyosu bower, bean positive bower