We taste garden highway

Asahikawa Grand Hotel garden lunch Asahikawa Grand Hotel garden lunch
Gorgeous special lunch of the Ueno Farm Ueno sand Yuki supervision. Using seasonal ingredients to season, we served colorfully like garden.

●The first-floor restaurant "Adonis" ●Price /3, 190 yen (it includes tax, sa)
●Reservation required (than two people) until before reservation /3 day

The Ueno sand Yuki supervision

Rabbi studio Daisetsuzan garden lunch Rabbi studio Daisetsuzan garden lunch
We use ingredients which we ordered from ripe tomatoes from Higashikawa-cho, Yumepirika from Higashikawa-cho, various places throughout Hokkaido including TOKACHI rabbi studio beef. Course menu with local vegetables various tasting salad bar.

●Price /3, 500 yen (tax-included)
※This lunch becomes offer (reservation required) only for group traveler.

Furano Prince Hotel garden lunch Furano garden lunch
Including local ingredients "kamifurano pork," please enjoy Japanese dishes, hotel lunch of western dishes compromise which you color seafood and seasonal vegetables and finished wealthily.

●Price /3, 100 yen (tax-included)
●Time / from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
●Reservation / individual: It is reservation, group the day before by 5:00 p.m.: It requires reservation within seven days before use day

Sahoro resort hotel garden lunch Sahoro garden lunch
We send course menu which used material of product in way which did including TOKACHI product beef and seasonal vegetables, TOKACHI including hotel made bread abundantly. You can choose coffee, tea after a meal.

●Price /2, 700 yen (tax-included)
●Reservation / individual: We make a reservation the day before by 4:00 p.m. (than two people)

Hokkaido hotel garden lunch Hokkaido hotel garden lunch
Lunch which we sewed to course dish using Hokkaido fresh vegetables and seasonal ingredients. You can enjoy contents of dish every month in rotation. We are proud of hotel specially made bread of 100% of TOKACHI product wheat, too.

●Price /2, 900 yen (tax-included)
●Time / from 11:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
●Group on the day possible as for reservation / individual: Ten or more are reserved within five days before use day

Hokkaido cheese & wine highway

Unrivaled article! Delicious local sake

Speaking of Asahikawa-shi, it is sake. Cotton shop steep mountain head family "steep mountain," which local sake of Asahikawa ground sake brewery "large Yukino storehouse" is unique Takasago brewing "Kokushi muso", too, and affinity with ingredients of Hokkaido is the best. The inland of Hokkaido having intense difference of heat and cold is suitable for cultivation of grape, and, "furano wine of Furano-shi," there is "TOKACHI wine" of Ikeda-cho, Tokachi. As for the craft beer, two companies of TOKACHI "TOKACHI beer" make various beer which they made use of local characteristic in Asahikawa "Daisetsu craft beer". Have delicious local sake to delicious dish!

Of security reliable with handicraft
Natural cheese


Garden highway where is dotted with much cheese studios. Charm of dairy farming kingdom Hokkaido is fully right jam-packed. Both cheese is full of ability groups deliciously. We can come across "natural cheese" which won many prizes by contest in world and Japan.

We are impressed by taste
Visiting sweets


Measuring up is gold mine of sweets highway. Secret of taste is good material. Fresh milk, good-quality sugar, all including red diamond adzuki bean are harvested on the fertile earth along highway. There are many celebrity shops that can stand in line by popular "Hokkaido food fair" held in Honshu.

New discovery!
Gourmet of highway

Highway gourmet

It is various from dish loved in hometown to new gourmet. Asahikawa soy sauce ramen, salt hormone, Biei curry udon, Furano omukare, Minamifurano nampu ezokatsukare, fatty beef bowl of Tokachishimizu, fired rice with Memuro, Tokachi corn, ten wins are tinged with, and appreciate Hiro edamame salad noodles, Butadon of Obihiro by all means.