Garden of hokkaido garden pass, eight

8 facilities which links Daisetsu - Furano - TOKACHI


Ueno Farmno.1Daisetsu Mori-no Garden
Garden that enjoys flowers with magnificent nature at plateau named scenery of Daisetsu mountain range NO.1.


Ueno Farmno.2Ueno Farm
We think about garden which a certain characteristic plant to match climate of northern country create with "Hokkaido garden" and make gardens.


Kaze-no Gardenno.3Kaze-no Garden
Many people visit garden which became stage of "Kaze-no Garden" of Satoru Kuramoto script and attract public attention.


Tokachi Sennen-no Morino.4Tokachi Sennen-no Mori
It is in the foot of Mts. Hidaka and can enjoy nature of overwhelming scale and various gardens.
Manabe Gardenno.5Manabe Garden
It is famous as first Japanese konifagaden. Precious collection left from the reclamation past is worth seeing.
Tokachi Hillsno.6Tokachi Hills
Garden that featured the theme of flowers and vegetables or fruit tree changing expression every season invites you.
Shichiku Gardenno.7Shichiku Garden
Ambitious horticulturist, Akiha Shichiku to "make Hokkaido island of flower" deal.
Rokka-no Morino.8Rokka-no Mori
We bring up flower of field which Naoyuki Sakamoto of painter drew in forest and can enjoy work in memorial.

Longed-for garden wedding

Longed-for garden wedding

Many gardens of garden way perform wedding. Including green lawn, rich forest, colorful flower is characteristic each. For more details, please refer to each garden.