We experience garden way

Activity to feel nature with body

Horseback riding that can observe nature in unusual glance by getting on horseback. Along the way, there are various horseback riding facilities, and kind of horse varies, too. Recommending quarter horse which is famous for thoroughbred and western competition known as horse racing is horse "native of Hokkaido" (native of Hokkaido) peculiar to Hokkaido. Thrilling recreation sports "rafting" to board rubber boat in a great many people, and to go down river of fast flowing stream of Nature. It is along way and can enjoy rafting in Sorachi River and Tokachi River.

We mention the history and art of Hokkaido

Many artists left gathering work along the way of beautiful scenery. Asahikawa has snowy art museum, Ayako Miura memory literature building. In Biei, there are Furano drama studio and Sumio Goto Museum which made many impressions in Furano of Japanese painter photograph gallery "*shinkan" of Shinzo Maeda. Memorial is loved for Obihiro 100 years to introduce the history of TOKACHI by local people, too.

Enjoyment agriculture, dairy farming experiences Hokkaido

It is made with contact, butter with goat and sheep and, commencing with milking of beef, digs potato and hunts lotus cup and strawberry. There are a lot of facilities where there is agriculture, dairy farming experience along garden way. In everyday life, it is pleasure only in this area where there is much nature that can learn importance of life and meal that we cannot readily learn. In addition, facility which can plant a tree as environmental contribution activity is popular.