What is hokkaido garden pass?

It is way of approximately 250km in total length to bind Daisetsu - Furano - TOKACHI which eight representative beautiful gardens of Hokkaido concentrate on together. We make use of climate and scenery only in Hokkaido, and both gardens overflow in individuality and are sightseeing garden representing modern Japan developing the making of garden which overflowed for power, scenery.

We deserve to be and build Japanese new garden culture if we call Japanese kottsuuoruzu (garden area of the U.K.) and romantic way (one of Germany, the sightseeing ways). In addition, enjoy activity with scenery and mountain range of nature and is sightseeing route which rich meal can thoroughly enjoy.

It is will of "green tourism" in "green trip" English with Tourisme vert

vert (be ru) places green in French.
There is meaning that to which "is spirit" tells "to be youthful".

We spend relaxed time in green tourism, agricultural tourism, sightseeing spot including ecotourism, and trip to come in contact with local industry and people is beginning to attract attention now.

There are many spots that can experience beautiful garden and rich natural environments, and Asahikawa, Furano, TOKACHI is dotted. We connect these three areas with charm only in Hokkaido and provide more attractive "tourism veil" by having cooperation and aim for fixation and recognition improvement of this sightseeing route.